Colorectal cancer bleeding

Our study included patients colorectal cancer bleeding metastatic CRC that received chemotherapy ± bevacizumab, from January until December Patients received fluropirimidine-based chemotherapy plus or minus bevacizumab.

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No significant differences was registered between groups with respects of age, sex, tumor localization, chemotherapy regimen used. Also no significant difference was found in our groups regarding risk factors for bleeding and medical history.

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No remarkable differences were registered between the two groups regarding common adverse reactions to chemotherapy, with the exception colorectal cancer bleeding physical asthenia which was found in a greater proportion of patients that received bevacizumab in colorectal cancer bleeding with chemotherapy.

In our study most colorectal cancer bleeding adverse events related to bevacizumab were grade 1 or 2, only few adverse events were grade 3 or 4 and lead to discontinuation of bevacizumab treatment, and these were mainly thromboembolic events and bleeding. Keywords: metastatic colorectal cancer; bevacizumab; chemotherapy; adverse events Issue:Volume 71, Issue 1 Pages:

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