Endometrial cancer flaxseed

Finding Balance in a Confusing World I'll be the first to admit my own guilt- I have a strong desire to be optimally healthy, and often feel guilty when I "cheat" and indulge.

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I went for my yearly health check-up yesterday and my doctor said "your labs are perfect, your vitals are perfect, you are not overweight although I think I need to lose a fewyour BMI is perfect, and you are So, that got me thinking- what am I doing? I spend a great deal of endometrial cancer flaxseed reading and researching about health and wellness, and I have to admit it can be VERY confusing.

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Many years ago, as a nursing student, my class was given an assignment by the late, great Dr. Alex Ferry; He had us "research" something I don't remember what and we would be graded on how much supporting evidence we could find to support endometrial cancer flaxseed.

Detecting and Treating Endometrial Cancer

We were so stressed because everything was so contradictory. After we turned in our assignment, he told us that it was to only prove a point- that you can find  evidence to support almost anything.

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How true! Just when you think you are doing the right thing for your health, another study comes out For example, studies say that broccoli is a great anti-cancer endometrial cancer flaxseed, however, it is a cruciferous vegetable endometrial cancer flaxseed those are no-no's for your thyroid which controls everything!

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No wonder people are confused! So back to what I do However, if Endometrial cancer flaxseed want to have  some gumbo or an oyster po-boy while watching the Saints play football, on a nice fall day with my family, I most definitely will, and I will not feel guilty about it. If I go to a great restaraunt, that isn't all organic and grass fed, I am still going to endometrial cancer flaxseed there.

endometrial cancer flaxseed

To me, life is about finding balance I will do what I can to decrease my toxic burden and support my temple, but I will not lose my joy by being fearful of endometrial cancer flaxseed I eat. Your body will let you know if you are on the right track endometrial cancer flaxseed not- so relax, breath, and find your balance :- Y'all Be Well.

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